Deal of the Day: Kindle Paperwhite for $90 and standard Kindle for $50

The Deal

The Amazon Kindle kind of speaks for itself at this point. We know how valuable e-readers can be, with their ability to carry thousands of books in one slim, long-lasting device. And the Kindle is tried and true. The only contention is the price, which hovers around $100 for the base models.

Well, if you’ve been holding off on this e-reader, we’re seeing a deal today that can soften the blow. Both the Paperwhite and standard Kindles are $30 off, at $90 and $50, respectively. As a reminder, “Paperwhite” means that it has an adjustable backlight for reading in the dark (e-ink screens don’t standardly have this). If you don’t feel this is worth $40 extra, then you have the lower-tier option (both have the same form and a 6″ display). For both models, you also have the option of black or white units. Bear in mind that these are “Special Offers” variants. They will show ads on the lockscreen, but not past that, which isn’t too invasive.

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader Deal

Kindle E-Reader Deal

Kindle in white. This deal doesn’t require promo code.

*Note that deals like this can expire at any moment. We do our best to flag these awesome deals as soon as they drop, but the nature is that the pricing you see may be different than what we said.

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