Slickwraps Honeycomb Smartphone Skin Synopsis

Slickwraps Honeycomb Skin

This Synopsis

Skins/wraps are a neat way to give your smartphone a little protection without compromising the design/form that the manufacturer sold you on. Two of the main companies that make these are dbrand and Slickwraps, and both offer a different range of styles. One that the latter company has that is unique is its Honeycomb series of skins. These come in four different colors (Black, Blue, Gold, or Titanium) and sport a neat, metallic hexagonal pattern and texture. This Synopsis sums up what you can expect if your curiosity begs you to take this skin for a spin.Slickwraps Honeycomb Skin

The Rundown

The device we installed our blue Slickwraps Honeycomb skin on is the LG V30. It’s important to know that the skin only covers the back casing of the phone. You can’t get pieces for the front. However, for phones that have a more uniform build (like the iPhone), the skin wraps around the sides. The V30 is a glass panel and metal frame design, so the skin just covers the back glass, not the metal sides.Slickwraps Honeycomb Skin


  • Protection against scratches on the back
  • Camera lens protection if you have a protruding camera
  • Textured pattern helps grip
  • Looks stunning and unique
  • The hexagonal pockets reflect light differently, so the visual is dynamic


  • Installation can be a nightmare
  • Vulnerable to air bubbles upon installation
  • Material is more smooth than grippy
  • Bit for fingerprint scanner renders scanner unusable

What it’s like to use


  • Slickwraps provide general skin installation videos on their website, but not for the Honeycomb skin in particular. Therefore, we were left to assume that the installation was the same.
  • However, once we completed lining everything up and pressing down, we were left with air bubbles all over, big and small.

Slickwraps Honeycomb Skin

  • The honeycomb materials appears to trap air unlike the common skins that Slickwraps offers. We’ve installed other skins before with no issues. However, Slickwraps negligently does not provide specific installation instructions for this special case.
  • Using heat from a hair dryer did not help much, the bubbles just move around.
  • We ended using a small needle to poke a tiny hole in the bubbles and press them down. With a small enough needle, the holes are not visible. However, pressing down the larger bubbles left some material clumping that we could never get rid of (see the two images below).

Slickwraps Honeycomb Skin
Slickwraps Honeycomb Skin

  • In the end, we were able to get the skin to be decent-looking. We were left with only a couple small abrasions and very tiny remaining bubbles, but it took a while.

Slickwraps Honeycomb Skin


  • The packaging came with pieces for the camera glass cover and fingerprint scanner. However, fingerprint scanner is unusable when covered (at least on the V30).
  • Because the V30’s camera glass is slightly elevated, this majorly helps protect it when placing the phone down on a surface.
  • The material is not as grippy as it lets on. The recessed hexagon texture helps with grip, but the material is very smooth (almost plastic-y) and your hand more glides than sticks to it.
  • The hexagons all have different fiber directions, which induces different light reflections. So the shade of the blue of all the hexagons changes at different viewing angles. Additionally, the finish is metallic, so it also shines differently in direct light. This skin is quite stunning in person.

The Gallery

Final Thoughts

Slickwraps on Amazon

Our experience with the Slickwraps Honeycomb skin was certainly bittersweet. Installation of it was a nightmare, and we thought we were going to have to toss it. This isn’t a super expensive skin, but not a cheap one either, at $25. We were surprised we were able to recover it as much as we did. As some consolation, if you do totally mess up the installation, Slickwraps has a “Goof” policy where they’ll send you another one at no cost. Well, you do have to pay shipping again.

Regardless, we cannot condone Slickwraps negligence for not having any instructions specific for the Honeycomb series. So tread carefully if you want to want to try out this skin anyways. We’d suggest to leave the edges open when installing, then flat it out starting at the center and out. The air needs somewhere to escape.

The reward of the patience may just be justified; this is one dazzling skin.

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