Welcome to The Synops, a new and efficient way of analyzing the tech market!

Hello fellow tech followers! This blog is meant to serve as a helping hand in our crowded world of tech products. This doesn’t mean another website that does news, lengthy reviews, how-to’s, ads, etc. – there’s enough of that. Instead, our focus is super concise guides, or synopses ;), that will be invaluable for your future tech purchases.

There are SO many gadgets out there, and many times we miss out on our perfect device because we didn’t know about it or overlook it. This site will comprehensively reveal your best choices and save you research time. What’s more, we’ll have hands-on impressions and quality images of new and popular devices.

We know how exciting our next tech upgrades can be, we’re looking forward to helping out where we can and the making most of your hard-earned money!

Stay tuned, as we’re currently in the process of building up the site.

Josh is so enthused about tech that he writes about it. After time at several tech publications, he launched The Synops - concise and quality gadget synopses with information that readers want to know and details they want to see. You can also follow him at on Twitter (@joshnor713) and Google+ (+JoshNoriega). Email any inquiries to josh@thesynops.com.

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